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Have More Debt Than the Average American?- Household Credit Card Debt Statistics

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Many Americans often struggle with debt. Debt relief or becoming debt free is merely wishful thinking. However, knowing the statistics and knowledge can help anyone start on the path to becoming debt free. Within the financial world of the American household, credit card debt holds great importance. Credit card

Credit Cards to Help Build or Rebuild Credit- Quick Guide on How To Build Credit

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Credit cards sometimes have a bad reputation due to the repercussions that come from negligence, but credit cards are actually a great and useful tool for helping you build up your credit score. Maybe you are new to building credit or trying to rebuild a low credit score, a

Your IRS Federal Income Tax Brackets for Tax Year 2019- Standard Deduction Amounts

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Your annual income taxes are based on the tax bracket you’re in–essentially, how much money you make. What many taxpayers do not realize is that the IRS actually modifies the tax brackets every year, in an effort to prevent bracket inflation.  This refers to individuals being elevated into

Credit Card Grace Period Explained- Avoid Interest with the Credit Card Grace Period

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Some credit card companies provide their cardholders with a reoccurring financial payment rule loophole that shows them how to avoid interest fees before a due date payment. Its called a grace period. You can learn how to avoid interest fees regularly by using a grace period to your advantage.

Instant Approval vs Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards: What You Should Know

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Instant approval credit cards are designed for people who do not want to wait for application processing. When you apply for a credit card before your application can be processed you generally have to wait to see if your credit is approved for a card. The application process can

Getting a Credit Card with No Credit History- Ways to Obtain a Credit Card with No Credit

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If you are looking to develop your credit this is the perfect time to understand and choose what credit card is best for you. There are both secured and unsecured credit cards available for people with no credit history. However, understanding what cards are available is essential to set

How to Apply For a Lowes Credit Card and Get Special Financing for Your Next Home Project

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Large retailers often offer credit cards in hopes that you will make large purchases at their stores using their card. Many of these cards are advertised as easy approval encouraging you to apply for these cards and make your shopping easier. They offer special financing packages as well as